Macroeconomic essays – ALN

There will be a minimum of four entries for the macro essay, performed at group level. Each entry can have around 4-5 pages and the total essay between 20-30 pages. The connection between theory and practice will be highly valued.

Plus, there will be a practical individual exercise on public accountancy.


1) Economic policy – main policies, objectives, trade-offs and instruments

2) Economic policy under monetary integration

3) Economic schools of thought

4) Development of an applied issue

Extra Themes:

5) Analysis of a particular economy: small scale (city, county, region) and large scale (national, transnational, continental…)

6) Analysis of the Portuguese economy – e.g. post-european integration or post-monetary integration

7) Development of the themes: globalization, internationalization, competitiveness, economic development, international cooperation, international institutions, etc.



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